You are on Family Kurjakovic web sites, and here You can find out everything about Us and about our little town Punat, located on Adriatic coast on Island Krk. Quite some time now we are providing service of accommodation in our apartments and rooms to tourists and to everyone else who arrive in Punat. All our apartments are located in our Family house and they are designed to make Your vacations comfortable and unforgettable.

City Punat is settled on South side of island Krk where it astonish us with his long history, old monuments and it’s beauty. In Punat bay there is little Island named Kosljun, witch is one of greatest tourist’s interests. Punat has lots of interesting things to offer to You, from various culture events to whole days cruising. So if You have a wish to become a part of its history we are inviting You to visit us.

Island Krk is the biggest Island on Adriatic coast, and because of its natural wealth it is called the Golden Island.  By it’s geographical placement it ensures connection with coast all the time, first You can arrive by road crossing Island Kirk bridge (Krčki most), than by airplane which is landing on Rijeka Airport settled in town Omišalj on Island Krk, or by ferry in seaports in Valbiska or Baska.


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